Is Your Smile In A World Of Hurt?

full mouth reconstruction Winston-Salem

Do you have acute tooth damage, bone loss, or few or no teeth still intact? This post is for Winston-Salem area residents whose mouths are in a world of hurt. The dentists at Winston-Salem Dental Group can help.

First off, we feel for you. We know how severe dental problems influence you every day of your life.

Whatever the cause of the condition – chemotherapy, recreational drug use, eating disorder, severe mouth injury, disability, inadequate oral hygiene, or simply poor overall health – there is hope.

In some cases oral surgery may be required. There are several conditions that may require oral surgery, such as impacted wisdom teeth. No one likes the idea of having any type of surgery, oral or otherwise. But there are times when it is unavoidable. Winston-Salem Dental Group is where you want to turn to.

At Winston Salem Dental Group, we are here to help. We provide general and cosmetic dentistry. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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