Regain Confidence with Dentures

Denture Options for Winston-Salem Patients

With technological advancements, dentures have become more functional and comfortable than they were in the past. We offer modern dentures at Winston-Salem Dental Group!

With our team’s expertise, we can help you design the dentures that will allow you to enjoy greater health and confidence.

Denture Treatment Options

To determine which type of dentures will best serve you, we will first assess your needs.

  • Partial dentures are right for patients who need to replace a few teeth.
  • Full dentures are intended for patients who need to replace an entire arch of teeth.

Let’s have a consultation to decide which dentures you want, and then we will begin working on your treatment immediately!

Traditional Full & Partial Dentures

Traditional dentures are the best way for many patients to restore their smile. Traditional dentures are:

  • Replacement teeth set into a soft, gum-like base
  • Removable
  • Held in place through suction or dental adhesive

In the case of partial dentures, the dentures are held in place by metallic clips or wires. We work hard to make sure your new dentures are far more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing than false teeth of the past. Our full and partial dentures are designed with your facial contours in mind to deliver optimal results.

Benefits of Traditional Dentures

There are a lot of factors to consider when it comes to replacing missing teeth with false teeth. The benefits of replacing your teeth with full or partial dentures include:

  • It’s a great way to look and feel younger
  • Your oral health will increase
  • Modern false teeth are natural-looking and comfortable
  • They are customized to fit your mouth
  • Traditional dentures are a very affordable option for tooth replacement

Call Winston-Salem Dental Group for Dentures

We can install your first dentures or partial dentures in just a few appointments. If you are ready to speak and smile with confidence again, don’t hesitate to call!



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